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Boeing is hiring as it expect resuming 737 MAX deliveries in October

Boeing said on Tuesday it plans to add extra staff and hire “a few hundred” temporary employees at an airport in Washington state where it is storing many grounded 737 MAX jetliners, a key step in its best-case plan for resuming deliveries to airline customers in October. ( More...

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Chris B 7
Please lord, let these people be the experienced people like the ones they laid off a year or so ago. Otherwise we're going to have a bunch on inexperienced people who shouldn't be responsible for fixing them.

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Torsten Hoff 4
Citation needed.
Tom Pera 1
I don't believe it...sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee...
Robert Foster -1
I will be flying Delta JetBlue and spirit in the future no Boeing 737 max
btweston 0
The listing said something about bringing your own Sawzall. What’s that about?
Edward Bardes 1
It's called a reciprocating saw.
william baker 0


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