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British Airways suspends flights to Cairo for seven days

British Airways suspended flights to Cairo for seven days starting on Saturday to allow for an assessment of security there, the airline said in a statement ( More...

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belzybob 1
Probably would have been nice to let the pax know, rather than leaving them in the dark and hanging around the airport.
Michael Hope 1
I was through Cairo airport as a passenger earlier this year for three out going flights. The security/passenger screening that you have go through is multi level, security before you can even check in for the flight, then again to enter the waiting area, then again to at the gate.
Lufthansa also suspended their flights.
Chris B 3
Lufthansa resumed flights today
Yes, they suspended only for 24 hours.
Ric Wernicke 0
They should consider suspending them for 7 years, just sayin...


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