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Boeing was told 737 Max had safety flaws in 2017, say unions

Three unions representing aviation safety inspectors said in a sharply worded report months before the Boeing's 737 Max was approved for use that the planemaker was given too much authority to oversee itself and that the new jet had safety flaws. ( More...

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Cansojr 2
Boeing knew that the center of gravity was incorrect. That is dangerous because the farther aft you add weight the nose will likely pitch-up. But it oscillate until control is easily lost. Pilots complained about this over a year ago. Seasoned 737 Pilots said that it had really hinky habits. The oscillations get into a cycle where they cannot be recovered. Pilots don't like it. Remember pretty things are only beautiful on a dark day it's when the lights come on the horror appears. It doesn't look like a classical 737.


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