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Kenyan family files lawsuit against Boeing over Ethiopian Airlines crash

A Kenyan family has filed a lawsuit in Chicago against American aviation giant Boeing over a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people, lawyers and family members said on Tuesday. ( More...

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Cansojr 3
I am sorry for the human lives lost in this tragedy. Boeing has a major wave of lawsuits filed against them for the already stated losses. Additionally the orders for the Max 8 may fall off drastically causing a sudden windfall for Airbus. I am not a ghoul feeding on losses, I am stating the reality of this dreadful situation. Boeing is sitting on thin ice.
I have to wonder if it will be a windfall for Airbus since, backlogs and order books being what they are, any such aircraft would be placed in the back of the line so to speak (meaning years away).
matt jensen 1
Maybe not AB, but Embraer


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