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Senate panel to hold aviation safety hearing after two Boeing 737 Max crashes

A US Senate committee plans a hearing on 27 March on aviation safety after two fatal Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft crashes since October, and said it will also schedule a hearing with Boeing and other manufacturers, officials said on Wednesday. The hearing on federal oversight on commercial aviation by the Senate commerce subcommittee on aviation and space will include the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) acting administrator, Dan Elwell, National Transportation Safety Board chairman,… ( More...

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scott ebrite 10
Politicians are going to figure this all out? God help us.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Name calling is so persuasive!

[This poster has been suspended.]

About the same, thanks.
btweston -2
It would be way better if they did nothing, right? Clown?
matt jensen 5
A waste of time and money
patrick baker 5
so what are the senate grandstanders going to offer , except blah, blah, blah, . ?
Ken McIntyre 6
A Senate investigation is a waste of time. Bunch of dishonest crooks in there.
Robert Cowling -1
I would agree, being so republican heavy, they will sweep the whole mess under a rug, and praise trump for being such a great leader.

But politicians let this happen, both dems and repubs, and they will not like to hang the noose around their own necks either. Yeah, it will be all bluster and blow... America has fallen so far. Ethiopia doesn't trust the US FAA!
s2v8377 2
If congress is involved they'll find someway to blame Trump for the 737 MAX. Chuck Schumer in particular is the most damaging politician to aviation, railroads, and ATC operations and safety in modern history!!! Besides Schumer being an idiot, perhaps the rest of congress should spend money on the FAA and instead of the nonsense they waist billions of dollars on.
Cansojr 2
This is a sign that you are in the United States. Politicians without any real knowledge how commercial aviation is an international entity now and still American politicians feel with their enormous amount of information are desperately trying to inject themselves into a proceeding which is beyond their capability other than waste time in brainless closed door sessions.
Robert Cowling 1
Occasionally Congress can do right. It might look like it's by accident, and maybe that's the way it's supposed to look. *shrug* They *might* come to the bottom of it. It's possible. Not likely, but possible.
Yeah right ! And ... an adjustment to software ! Not enough. and Boeing are still currently manufacturing Max 8's. Dump the project and dump the 8's ... they have already 'dumped enough passengers and crew'.
wingbolt 1
No problem. Boeing will contribute to all ther PACs and give them free rides in a BBJ to Barbados and this will all be over. Easy Peasy.
linbb 0
And the gang of idiots who know little if anything about them other than they fly somehow. Oh great another Corvair Nader investigation to no where.
linbb 1
Oh sorry for those of you who don't know its the only car to be declared safe by an act of congress.


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