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Swiss to introduce new Premium Economy Class

Swiss International Air Lines is to introduce a new Premium Economy Class on its long-haul aircraft fleet from spring 2021, to further strengthen its position as a premium air carrier. In a first step here, the additional travel class will be available in a 24-seat section on its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. In the medium term, the new travel product will be extended to the entire Swiss long-haul fleet. For Economy Class travelers seeking more inflight comfort, the new product will offer a totally… ( More...

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Cansojr 2
Air Canada started a Premium Economy Class on the 777, 787, and most of the long haul fleet offer it as a an option to regular economy. Not all the frills of business but a little more to offer premium economy passengers. Tried it from YYZ direct YVR and it was a great experience on the 777-300. Air Canada have had it for a couple of years. It's a smart move by SWISS.


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