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Angel Flight (Radio Tower Remix)

The Title says it all..... Many you (I Hope) Remember Preacher1.... I remember how he talked about his Angel Flight, and it certainly brings back many images and memories of him. Preacher1 now flying at Flight Level Unlimited... To all who remember Preacher1, please enjoy, I certainly feel that he would have enjoyed this video and I hope you do as well. ( More...

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Todd Baldwin 3
I was overseas when Preacher passed away. I didn't learn of it until later, when I came back. I sure do miss him and his wisdom.
linbb 4
I do miss his comments on here, things on here were much better then too. Thanks for the memories
canuck44 4
To Wayne for all his hours, the Angel Flight he flew bringing home the son of a friend left the greatest impression on him. May both enjoy their peace.
sparkie624 3
Who ever is posting the Thumbs down never met Preacher1 or knew what he stood for... It is certainly your loss!
tim mitchell 2
Preacher1 is truly missed.
joel wiley 3
If I recall, the owner provided the 757 he flew for the flight. Preacher1, like many of us here gave some and his guest of honor gave all. Rest in peace to both of them.
Thanks for posting. Maybe this should be reposted next May.


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