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The glorious history of the best plane Boeing has ever built

This week in 1994, the Boeing 777 airliner made its first flight - kicking off a career that would revolutionize the airline industry. Once every few decades, an airplane comes along and simply redefines what a modern airliner is capable of delivering for airlines and its passengers. In 1957, Boeing changed the game with its first jet-powered airliner, the 707. In 1969, Boeing turned the airline industry upside down with the introduction of the 747 jumbo jet. In 1994, Boeing did it again with… ( More...

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Geoff Lane 2
Never really knew the history of that one. The 747 is the one many associate with Boeing but seems the 777 is the unsung hero.
I have enjoyed flying the 777 since 1998, I particularly remember sitting in Business First on a Continental Airlines 777 in 2000, gazing in awe as the huge maw of a GE-90 generated a "doughnut" of condensation as it sucked in huge volumes of air to generate the lift.

I do still miss the upstairs cabin of a 747 though, which is why British Airways (who fly large fleets of both types) gives me the best combination of flying experiences.

Randall Kimm -5
Technology evolves to see if has a serious but undisclosed benefits from building unique and beautiful stuff you. The Russians are pathologically insane about how secured the main doors are relared to heir cycoloy supply. I have a lot of the ARS bits of data. These people were given to getaway and l really enjoyed seeing you again for another another year
Mark Harris 1
This makes no sense whatsoever - have you been on the crystal meth again?


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