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Meet Lea Gabrielle, Fox News Correspondent and Aviation Expert

CNN owned the coverage of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 this past spring with its wall-to-wall commentary from experts like Les Abend . . . but rival cable channel Fox News has a potent new weapon in its arsenal for covering juicy aviation stories. And she’s a lot prettier than those guys, too ( More...

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Bravo to Fox if they have a real aviation pro on their staff.
It is frustrating to listen to all the uneducated, speculative, nit-wittery on some of the other stations.
I don't care how knowledgeable she is, Fox News will figure out a way to put a right-wing spin on it.
This is getting ridiculous. This is supposed to be a forum for aviation commentary and discussion, not political discussions and espousing of political views. I'm taking myself out of this round and round political talk.
Can't answer my question, huh?
Jimmy Robinson -2
I was talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago at an EAA meeting, a fellow pilot, and he told me about a study he read about that was conducted on the news networks. He said the study showed that Fox News is actually the most impartial and unbiased network for their news reporting. The report studied news reports from all stations, included the MSNationalBarackChannel, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. They say it, and it's actually true. Fox News may be resented by the liberal left and low-information voters, but Fox is doing its job and being pretty fair and balanced in its reporting just like they say. So, you can tout their "right-wing spin" but there isn't one. It's just the liberal left resenting hearing the truth about their left-wing spin and slant on just about everything.
"A study he read" is not an authoritative source, and the fact that "a fellow pilot" told you means nothing. Who did this alleged study? Fox News? Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, not noted for being especially liberal, recently called out Fox News, saying that some of the network's shows are exactly the opposite of what the network claims to be in its "Fair and Balanced" slogan.
josh homer 0
That's funny because a recent study was done on cable news networks. Hundreds of hours of footage was viewed. It was revealed that Fox lies 60% of the time, followed by MSNBC with 35%, and a shocking 20% by CNN. The major networks: CBS, ABC, and NBC are the best. In conclusion, Fox is a propaganda network. That being said, as a science minded person, I do find good articles on Fox once in a while. I just have a problem when in ONE DAY I see an article denying climate change, THEN seeing an article that says "Why Climate Change Is Good For Polar Bears." Yes, that happened.
She definitely looks better than a a guy aviation expert. I don't know if the message would get through to me though, I might be paying more attention to her looks.
pilotmon 1
Where did you read that they were not as biased as others ? Breitbart ?
biz jets -4
You lost me at Fox News.
josh homer 4
"The cause of the accident is undetermined, but we here at Fox believe it was the result of Liberals and gays getting married. Remember, if it's not Fox news, it's liberal media!.......BENGHAZI!"


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