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AirPooler Challenges FAA Ride-Sharing Decision

Steve Lewis, an MIT graduate and one of the founders of aircraft ride-sharing site AirPooler, says the startup will press the FAA for further clarification of a letter the agency sent that effectively pulled the plug on services that are designed to link private pilots with passengers headed for the same destination. The problem with the FAA's position, Lewis says, is the agency's use of a draft policy written in 1963 to contend that cost-sharing through sites like AirPooler constitutes… ( More...

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Marcus Pradel 2
Way to go for the FAA legal office to issue a opinion based on a draft document from 50 years ago as if it was regulatory when it has been revised a few times since including by the attorney hired by the company offering the match-up service.

This is how you demonstrate where the regulatory allegiances side, instead of promoting aviation..
WtfWtf 1
They will do anything they can to make it difficult to build hours.. What's next? User fees? 3000 hour rule?
preacher1 1
Really staying up with technology. If I I'm reading and hearing all this right, it is legal by word of mouth, and airport bulletin board, but not a website. Wow, big difference. Can we say Internet and tablet?
preacher1 2
And if I'm hearing and reading all this correctly, even the Internet is OK. It is a charging of a fee to do it. Well now, that website is going to maintain itself and cost nothing and those folks are going to maintain it for nothing. Yeah, right!
Jason Feldman 1
If intact there will be a pilot shortage , the FAA will be forced to make some changes- and perhaps allow services like this in order to build up pilots hours and experience so that we can keep the planes flying....

but otherwise, the FAA will drag their feet - apparently "promote aviation" has a limitation for private pilots, as if private pilots and ATP's don't have a connection. As if ATP's are born with thousands of hours and private pilots are a different breed of pilot.

One links to the other - and unless you are wealthy, paying for all the hours to get an ATP is going to be out of the question, or take a few decades a least....

what is your thought?
preacher1 1
It's going to be difficult at best and there is a difference in getting the rating and building the 1500hrs. That to me is the stupid part. Both of the Colgan pilots, which is what caused that knee jerk, were way above that. I think the Airlines are going to have to get an exemption of some kind and set in house training programs with guaranteed employment paths to pay it back. That was needing to be done before the rule change.
paul trubits 1
It is just like sex. If it is consensual, it is legal. Any money changes hands(especially to a middle man)probably not. Maybe if they buy you dinner first? But, no drinks until after the flight.
I think to fine tune the consensual sex analogy it'd be 2 people meeting on a website agreeing to have sex at a hotel and split the cost, the problem is when one backs out is the other still going to make the trip to and pay for the hotel? If not then wasn't the participation of the other person necessary and not merely a convenience/coincidence?
WtfWtf 1
Good luck. These bureaucratic aholes only answer to the president.


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