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Dreamliner woes: Raju to meet Boeing execs

With the Boeing 787 Dreamliner continuing to give sleepless nights to Air India (AI), aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati has decided to take matters into his own hands. Aviation ministry sources said Raju would soon be summoning top Boeing officials for a meeting to discuss the unending glitches with the Dreamliner that have taken away much of the sheen off AI’s newest aircraft. ( More...

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What are they doing with them? Aside from the battery issues in the first ones and some standard parts issues that all aeroplanes have everyone else seems to have an economical flying pleasure.
High time the issue is resolved. Either AI is wrong or Boeing are defaulting. I wonder why both are hedging the issue ? It's been over an year and dozens of flights involving thousands of unsuspecting helpless passengers !
Are they waiting for some thing terrible to happen to wake them up ?
Ant Miraa 2
Why is only Air India having so much trouble? Is this another case of poor upkeep by the airline? Remember SAS had problems with the Q400 so bad that they retired them from the fleet? It turns out that the governing agency did an investigation and found that the maintenance practices at SAS for the Q400 was poor which caused the problems. Of all the Q400 operators, why was it only a select few having serious issues? I would say the same for the dream liner. Of all the current operators, which ones are having major issues now?
Pertinent Q! And I agree too.
But I often wonder why Boeing aren't raising it ? In some form and forum ?
Why just people like you and me ? And on fora like this ?
Who is covering whom ? And why ? Or to what end ?
this really sucks


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