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Experiencing Spirit’s “Bare Fare” Model Firsthand

It’s true, people vehemently despise Spirit Airlines. Just the mention of the company elicits emotion-filled horror stories. Indeed they have a solid 1 out of 5 star rating on TripAdvisor, and they are frequently found at, or near, the top of various “worst airline” rankings. In direct contrast to these ratings and frequent “I’ll never fly Spirit again” claims, the airline continues to grow and increase market share. This begs the question – is the experience really THAT bad? Or, is there… ( More...

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preacher1 3
MH370, most folks would not go into such a thing as open minded as you. Most would go in wanting the full service(?) at the bargain price. Basically what Spirit and other ULCC carriers have done has been to break down the cost of everything on the trip. They can see what it costs to fly the plane from A to B. Hence the cost of the ticket; past that each item is costed out and paid for if used. You don't want a snack, they'll sell it to the next guy. The choice is yours but like I said, people either don't understand the concept or won't accept it. While still less, most folks would want your $63 to ORD but they would bitch at the $150'is you actually spent. This is the problem that Spirit has recognized and is trying to counteract. I think they will prevail.
bettiem 1
This was a useful article. I had presumed that flying hard-arse included crappy service. Apparently not. I just might try Spirit.


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