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Denver-bound flight diverted due to medical emergency

A captain on a Denver-bound United Airlines flight fell ill Monday night, forcing the plane to make an unscheduled landing in Omaha with 154 passengers on board. Flight 1637 was flying from Des Moines to Denver. It landed safely at Denver International Airport Tuesday morning. "From my point of view, I saw the flight attendant walking to the front of the plane with an AED. That's not good at all," passenger Michael Glade said. The captain was in trouble. "It was chaotic at the… ( More...

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In aviation it's always nice when plan B works smoothly after plan A fails. Hope Capt is ok. The FO just got another notch in his belt. Lol
canuck44 4
I have my doubts the age 65 will be revisited as per the local aviation expert. What may well happen is that those over age 55 will be subjected to more sophisticated techniques to examine their cardiac function, the blood flow to the brain, blood pressures and weight.

No matter what is done, there will still be incidents and the best solution is still what happened here...well trained, competent co-pilots.
preacher1 3
Well, we are already on 6 months re-cert after 50 and it is not really routine. I have had 3 friends in early to mid 50's that had stints or just total open heart surgery last year. My last heart cath showed less than 10% blockage, same as the one 5 years previous did. All that to say this. I think it is more lifestyle than anything. If the age 65 rule gets revisited it won't be to strengthen it, I think it will be to extend the age as long as the medical is OK.
Jeff Turner 2
Hope ya feel better Cap


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