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Boeing faces more Dreamliner problems

Boeing is once again facing questions about the reliability of its 787 Dreamliner after two airlines—Norwegian Air and Poland's LOT—complained about a series of technical glitches. On Wednesday, Boeing sent a team of executives, including Commercial Airplanes chief Ray Conner, to Oslo to meet with Norwegian Air executives, Boeing spokesman Doug Alder Jr. said. ( More...

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Roland Dent 2
1. The Norwgian Case

"Boeing has agreed to base a group of Dreamliner technicians in Oslo and set up spare parts centers to fix the aircraft more quickly."

What they did not tell you is that Boeing will be bussing a whole bunch off to Seattle Field for training. Lets hope the office crew don't use this as a free holiday.

2. The Warsaw Case (LOT)

As yet unsolved. Several suspected causes involving criminal activity and several providers as yet unknown

3. B787 Durability

Completley new design, some minor issues, some major issues with operator education.
Maybe it's just ahead of its a BEECH STARSHIP!!!
Roland Dent 1
It is ahead of its time Wallace. If we are not careful the Chinese or the Russian manufacturers will just come a long and trump us all.

I am NOT kidding here!
787 problem or a standard aircraft part failing. The Thales battery problem was serious but a stand issue aircraft part or system on an aircraft plaing rubbish.
Roland Dent 1
Martin...please have another try at that post..hard to understand your message.
..... plain rubbish.
The new DC-10?


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