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Next gen air tankers take flight

Wildfire suppression crews in the United States are about to get some new aerial firefighting tools as the US Forest Service (USFS) continues to upgrade its initial attack capability. ( More...

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Brian Lager 3
Finally someone with sense at the US Forestry Service. The CL 415 will be a great addition to their firefighting capabilities. I worked for Canadair and was one of the crew chiefs assigned to CL-FEUX the first of the water bombers. Simple aircraft to work on provided you didn't mind getting covered in dirty oil from the PW R2800 Double Wasps.
Incidentally, the engines were virtually brand new, having been in storage since the second world war.
Toby Sharp 1
What's it cost to convert one with some Pratt Turbo's?
Brian Lager 2
Current cost is 31 million total. That would include the engines. The 415 has PWF 123AF turbo's installed. There are other differences compared to the CL 215. The wing was modified and the addition of winglets. The empennage was slightly modified which means it can carry more water/fire retardant. The biggest makeover though was the glass cockpit. A huge gain over the older model.
I don't know if Bombardier ever converted any CL215's though.
We did try to get the idle down to around 600 rpm on the R2800, but the aircraft still managed to creep ahead in the water. The normal factory idle was between 850/900 rpm.
Can't say how the 415 handles in the water.
Yes, Bombardier has already re- motorized some CL-215 into CL-215T with same PWC PW123AF. STC is available.
matt jensen 3
It's about time


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