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Top U.S. Airports to Be Stranded In During a Flight Delay

Greg Lindsay, author, transportation expert and frequent flier, says delays can be an enjoyable experience -- but it all depends on the airport. Lindsay, who flies three weeks out of every four, knows a thing or two about airports: in 2005 he lived in more than a dozen of them as part of a journalism assignment for Ad Age. Airports are “really, really lonely” places, he says ( More...

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Brian Bishop 3
“You hope you can get laid over in San Francisco,”

josh homer 1
Man when I worked in the AA terminals at DFW there were no food courts etc. Just overpriced Budget Host restaurants. The AA employee cafeterias were cheap and delicious though.
Brian Bishop 1
Not a huge hub or anything, but I don't mind a layover at BNA, live music everywhere!
Good article, but it doesn't take into account those people who are in the military. Most major airport have a USO that provide the same services that the Sky-clubs provide for the they're VIP Members, but to those members of the Military.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Sorry Keith. I was hoping to find a job with a monthly check of $14635. By the way, what does she do "on the computer"?

How ironic to find this numbscull's comment in an article about being laid-over.
Michael, it's best not to answer the offending posts, because sooner or later they will be removed and then your answer looks either really out of place or like an attack on a perfectly normal post. Simply voting it down and reporting it will do the trick. These posts seem to appear in bunches especially on weekends.


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