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ObamaCare will cost Delta 100 Million

ObamaCare driving up costs for everyone, Delta claims it will have to spend 100 million. ( More...

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canuck44 3
Delta was already pretty innovative on cost containment contracting for bundled payments for high cost elective flat fee for Surgeon, Hospital, Anesthesia etc. Now I would expect that with their ability to move folks around, they will contract for "medical tourism" with high quality facilities in Mexico or Spain or in a host of other resort destinations. Many internationally known US surgeons have begun to look at this alternative working half the time at half the price but doing better than the hassle filled ObamaCare.
PhotoFinish 2
These are real additional costs that will cut into pay increases at the next scheduled negotiation, whether an annual review or bargaining unit group negotiation.

These increased costs will also drive up prices on airfares and all kinds of other products.

Luckily Delta employees will have the company initially absorb the extra costs. But small groups and individuals will have to deal with the premium increases without such help.

Folks from states with the lowest costs/ premiums will be the one most adversely affected with the greatest increases in costs.

The plan was sold to the public based on the promise to lower costs. As we get closer, no one is claiming lower costs, not economists, not accountants, not politicians. Wonder how people will react when the reality that costs will increase sharply for most hits home.
joel wiley 3
Isn't that less than the Delta CEO? Just wondering.
Toby Sharp 1
Bah, good one


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