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Pentagon cuts F-35 operating estimate below $1 trillion: source

The U.S. government has slashed its estimate for the long-term operating costs of Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets by more than 20 percent to under $1 trillion, according to a senior defense official, a move that could boost international support for the program. ( More...

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joel wiley 4
Sounds great. However, the organization making the revised projections is the one benefiting from said revisions. While being cautiously optimistic, IMHO it's still grain-o-salt time.
Jason Feldman -1
Saving 12 dollars a year per person (based on 300 million people in the US) - sounds a lot smaller when you think about it, doesn't it?
joel wiley 2
Back when there were about 100 million taxpayers, a billion represented $10/taxpayer. Even on that basis, $36 doesn't seem much.... unless you don't have enough to by groceries for your kids- then it's a lot.
Jason Feldman 1
If you don't have 10 dollars to buy groceries for your kids don't kid yourself, you aren't paying taxes, your receiving money at that point.
bentwing60 3
Don't kid yourself, or us, as many people in life experience financial setbacks that don't immediately resort to the government teat. And some ethnic subsets of the population do not seem to be quite as steeped in the culture of dependence as others. I suppose it might occur to some that their current liquid asset shortage might be "because" they paid their taxes. As for the topic, as usual, I detect the aroma of a rodent in the report. Fuzzy math, or typical govt. accounting.
joel wiley 1
I'm reminded of the story of the owner interviewing applicants for an accounting job. One was a Harvard MBA CPA, the other from a little known school. The were given a set of books and requested to do a balance sheet. The latter applicant got the job after asking "What do you want the bottom line to look like?" Something similar here.
Jason Feldman 0
I don't mind discussing things with people who have a different opinion. In fact, I actually enjoy it. But your comment "Don't kid yourself, or us" - Who do you think you are? What an attitude.

You can disagree without coming off as a self righteous ... fill in the blank

Despite what you might tell yourself, you aren't any better than the rest of us, no more important, etc etc.

bentwing60 1
Given your mental prowess, I'd attack the messenger too.
Robert Hirst 3
Celebration time! May I suggest we break out the bubbly now that the program has gotten positively cheap. I'm all for our military and its superiority but I seriously question the need for this military-industrial complex welfare program.
C S 1
Considering the things this plane is going to replace, some of which have been operating for a significant time, don't complain too much. The F-35 will replace the F-16, F/A-18, EA-6B, F-111, A-10, AV-8B, Harrier GR.7, Sea Harrier, AMX and Tornado. That is a ton. I am not saying that it doesnt cost a fortune, but about $140mil per plane, when compared to the B2 ($2.4 Billion) F22 ($350 Million) or countless other planes, and the fact that the UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Isreal, and Japan are in on it... I don't know. But none of us really do, so...
We knew this a looooong time ago.... too expensive...
99NY 1
Hah, right. Slashing it because they know it wont be viable as a frontline weapins system for nearly as long as they promised.
wingbolt 1
I'm throwing the bullshit flag on this one.
bentwing60 1
Todd Baldwin 0
I agree. This sounds a lot like duck speak.


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