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Martin Mars Water Bomber Engine Start Up

Video showing the impressive Martin Mars Water Bomber on Kootenay Lake including the engine start up, great to hear these massive old radials still going strong! This is the last Martin Mars Bomber currently in service fighting forest fires and this could be the last years it flies for the Ministry of Forests in British Columbia. ( More...

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Gudseeds 2
I believe that is 'Sproat Lake' near Port Alberni where the Martin Mars Water Bombers are stationed..but they are impressive aircraft that is for sure !
Jesse Adams 3
Yes,the Martin Mars Bombers are stationed on Sproat Lake but this video was taken on Kootenay Lake. They were there for a couple days this summer on standby for a forest fire in the area.
Gudseeds 1
Sorry.. my mistake ! I was in Port Albermi when one was flying over..had to get out of the vehicle to watch it. They go 'so slow' they don't even look like they should stay up there..and are sure 'Loud' !


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