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Boeing asks airlines to inspect 787 fire-extinguishing bottles

Boeing asked airlines to inspect their 787 Dreamliner jets to ensure proper configuration of fire-extinguishing bottles after this week uncovering a defect it said stemmed from an error that occurred at a supplier. Boeing has provided 787 operators with directions on addressing improperly configured bottles, with the inspection of each plane likely to take only a few minutes, Rob Henderson, a company spokesman, said today. The fault doesn’t present an immediate flight-safety issue, Boeing said. ( More...

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Blame the subcontractor eh? Who installed it onto the aircraft? Don't they check sub-assemblies for spec conformance?
skylloyd 1
Exactly, being a ex-Boeing Inspector, there are several funtional tests that are required to be done on the fire suppression system before the first flight and prior to delivery. What about the squib test prior to any flight?
My daughter and I, got a little uptight yesterday as I asked her what in the h--- was going on up there, she is a funtional test QA on the 787.
PhotoFinish 1
Something doesn't sound right.

How could anything at the fire extinguishing bottle supplier (Kidde - United Techoligies) create the mis-wiring that would cause the bottles on the wrong engine to deploy in case of engine fire?
Ev Butler 1
QA needs a QC crew to check behind them, it appears. It also could be as simple as an employee switching the connectors. I hope that they get their act together. Most new aircraft have teething problems. Reminds me in a way about the Green Projects that the feds are pushing onto the public before they get the bugs worked out. Thus far, most of the green introductions have failed due to the customer doing the quality control and voting with their wallet.

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Chris Donawho 1
I don't know how Boeing will recover. I imagine the govt would bail them out regardless. There's just no way the world could have one single manufacturer of large commercial jets.
Chris Donawho 0
LOL - inspect those bottles... you're probably going to need them.


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