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Ryanair fires one of its senior pilots for questioning the airline’s safety

Ryanair has fired one of its senior pilots and is preparing legal action against him for questioning the airline’s safety record in a television interview, the company said on Thursday Aug. 15. ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 3
This is nothing more than a union turf war. The firing of the pilot used pretext of safety complaints to was to keep the natives from getting restless.
pjshield 2
you have your crosshairs on the bullseye!
PhotoFinish 4
Sounds like there are lots of mixed motivations all around, with there being difficulties on the past between the pilot and the airline over unionization.

Separation certainly seems appropriate, either by quitting or being fired. No pilot should be flying for an airline he considers unsafe.

While I admire his courage to speak about publicly about any possible safety concerns that may exist at any airline (safety is of paramount importance); not using confidential safety reporting mechanisms through airline and regulatory bodies, but instead denouncing publicly one's employer, one should not expect continued employment past such clearly stated differences. One shouldn't want to work for such an employer, if they're as bad as they say.

Going their entire history of 29 years without a single incident with either a passenger or a crew fatality, is an impressive record that most airlines wished they had. They rest as they say is just talk.

If their planes were dropping out of the sky with the frequency of some mainline carriers, I'd be among those crying "safety."

But to use safety falsely to maligne the airline (employer) for political reasons over unionization is appalling and disgusting.
preacher1 2
What's the old adage: to paraphrase - When you get out of the organization, damn to your heart's content, but as long as it is your bread & butter and primary income, you need to keep your mouth shut
siriusloon 0
So if your employer was breaking laws and risking lives, you'd just keep your mouth shut? What's it like to be devoid of humanity and morals?
preacher1 4
No, and I don't think you should but, it is their business and if it is that bad and you remain a part of it, at some point you become part of it. You cannot be really effective until you have the conviction to get away from it. At that point you start to gain credibility. In this particular case he was railing on safety yet, if that was all true, he was partaking of those unsafe practices and his argument had less effect than it would have if he had taken himself out.
Hugh Byrd 2
Always speak well of the company that you work for (never in public speak evil) because you are a part of the company and you may be some of the problem. I never had a problem discussing any subject one on one with my supervision.

Best regards
Hugh Byrd
It is always amusing as well illuminating to see worker/employee vs. management related tussles. The US a capitalist country denouncing the reds/commies gave the world the May Day. They gave the world the Antitrust Laws. The class action litigation and the principles of legal aid.
Once a leader always a leader.
I hope some people will keep the lamp burning!
siriusloon 0
This is the same airline whose owner has said he wants to have standing-room-only sections on his aircraft like on city buses and who wants to install pay toilets in place of the free ones offered by every other airline.

Have a look at this newspaper article about him:
chalet 2
This is the same guy who said bad things about Boeing 737s only to irritate Seattle -which he did not- only to get better prices -we don't know if he did-. Whatever, his safety record is very good, his onboard servide is horrible. You get what you pay for.
Hugh Byrd 0
The only fuel needed is in four categories, Take Off Fuel, taxi fuel, 55 Minutes reserve fuel, Alternate airport fuel and trip burn fuel. That is all.


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