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Piece from military aircraft crashes down on San Antonio driveway

Air Force officials confirm a piece from a military aircraft broke off and fell on a northwest-side neighborhood on Thursday before noon. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 6
>> He also said his neighbors received orders from the military to not talk about the object.

LOL, good luck with that.
joel wiley 7
It's classified information: TOP SECRET- EMBARRASSMENT

Don't think about that object, don't think about the cordon of officers: That is an ORDER!!!
Roland Dent 1
Yup...never happened it was all a dream. Local water supply was spiked that day.
smoki 1
It was a weather balloon that floated over from Roswell NM. Been adrift for years!
tuba 2
A part falls off a military plane, and the FBI shows up... hmmm...
...piece of the tailcone?
That appears to be what it is. But based upon some of the comments in the article, it seems that USAF has said all they will say.
rwb2112 4
Another local site had a pic of the data plate "aft radome" p/n 17P3A8511-15
Roland Dent 1
The plate alone would have made decent $$ on ebay. They were lucky they recovered it.
Tall cone ?

Thois is bull...
Everyone in his right mind know that it is the hat of the Emperor of Zurkan which got lost when he entered the atmosphere on his flying saucer.
WhiteKnight77 1
This image shows it is part of the tail cone.
Hopefully there was a Gitmo detainee inside it.
joel wiley 1
Stowaways usually for for the wheel wells.
Jared Maurtua 1
Oh my god! I live on the NW Side!!
Hector Roman 0
Boeing worked on this plane last.
Larry Horton 0
looked like a radome. Air Force hauled it away in the back of what appeared to be a private pickup! One report indicated C17 was flying into San Antonio for maintenance. Sounds like it was over due. Scary part was it landed in a very small backyard and hit a BBQ pit and next to children's toys. Could have been a lot worse instead of a funny story.
Dunno if it was a private pickup, with the red lightbar up-top.

Writing said


so it could've been a townie's pickup. No idea what town may be nearby, like Deerfield or whatever, and it could've been "Animal Enforcement" or something like that.

At any rate, I doubt it was Billy Joe Jim Bob's Garage & Bait Shop's pickup. :D
WhiteKnight77 1
Looking at the picture on the website posted above, the lettering on the back window shows Airfield Management. I never heard of it while floating around Air Force bases for 52 years, but, one never knows.


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