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FAA orders wiring check for Boeing 787’s emergency locators

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered airlines operating Boeing's 787 "Dreamliner" to conduct a safety check on the aircraft's emergency locator transmitter. The order comes after British aviation authorities narrowed the source of the recent fire aboard an Ethiopian Airlines 787 at Heathrow to the transmitter and urged the FAA to tell airlines to disconnect the batteries from the beacons on all aircraft. ( More...

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wx1996 2
Can someone explain the logic of the removal for just the 787?

The same ELT with the same battery are used in many other aircraft, why are they just removing it from the 787. If the unit is unsafe in the 787 it is unsafe for all aircraft.
JetMech24 1
The 787 is the ONLY aircraft to EVER have an issue with them, and they really do NOT know that the ELT is the actual problem.
btweston 1
preacher1 1
Ya'll re-read the article. FAA is calling only for INSPECTION, not removal. Japanese authorities have issued a temporary safety order for their fleet, that it's OK to fly with out them if an airlines wants to remove them for inspection but I didn't see where it specifically say they had to.
JetMech24 1
ON PURPOSE to show emphasis that would normally be HEARD while speaking,which is lost over the internet.
btweston 1
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, now. So they catch on fire. For two separate reasons. So what? No big deal! Just teething problems, we've been told to say.

Just try saying that while your ass is running from the flaming wreckage.


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