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FAA Warns Pilots About Medication Use

They may seem like harmless over-the-counter medications, but everyday drugs like pain relievers or cough suppressants can impair a pilot's ability to safely fly a plane or helicopter, according to a new study by the Federal Aviation Administration and the general aviation industry. According to the study, medications played a role in 12 percent of fatal general aviation crashes in the past decade. Concerned, the industry and government today sent out an alert to the nation's estimated 450,000… ( More...

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canuck44 1
I don't know why there should be any surprises here.

For the ATP guys: Unless you are going to a doctor that knows a little aviation medicine you should be your own best advocate especially if you are seeking treatment for chronic or relapsing conditions. For example, if you are prone to migraines look for a preventative medication like a beta blocker and use the Imitrex only for break through headaches.

Here is a good website that lists most common medications. Some of the categories are a little silly, but overall this is pretty comprehensive. Load this to your smartphone or tablet and be quick to take it out.


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