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Asiana won't sue TV station over bogus names

(CNN) -- Asiana Airlines will not pursue a lawsuit against a Bay Area TV station for allegedly damaging the company's image by reporting erroneous and offensive names of the pilots in the recent crash at San Francisco International Airport. ( More...

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preacher1 3
I think they just need to maintain a real low profile right now. Folks are already complaining on national TV about how they are handling their pax that were on that flight and if those stories are to be believed, they need to loosen their purse strings awhile to keep them from talking and try to make them happy, as those are legitimate grievances. Then again, if those folks had round trip tickets, they(Asiana) can just ball up and have to deal with it in S. Korea, where courts aren't near as friendly to the individual. Having the RT ticket puts their final destination back there and that is where any legal action will have to be taken. If they were on a one way into the U.S., they have legal standing here.
Torsten Hoff 2
They seem to have come to their senses after all...
Esteban Marin 2
They just added a name to that list:
" will no su"
Toby Sharp 1
Smart Move. Focus Asiana Focus
It makes a lot of sense. Apology from the TV station followed by firing of the intern, does prove good intention of the TV station. And the matter should wrest there .
Is it not known all over that local/different accents pose problems every where in conversations? The exchanges between ATC and pilots belonging to different countries are one of the major causalities!


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