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Qantas completes fleet-wide Airbus A380 revamp with more economy seats

Qantas has completed a reconfiguration of its flagship Airbus A380 fleet, with all twelve aircraft now sporting an increased number of economy and premium economy seats. The rejigged superjumbos can carry 484 passengers, an increase of 34 from the previous headcount of 450. ( More...

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preacher1 2
I figure before long all operators will be moving in this direction. One of the original selling points on the 380 was the CATTLE CAR configuration that it could have, suited for high density routes. Operators got $ signs in their eyes and they are finding out there are not enough of those loose $ out there to keep them afloat. It's nice to fly a big purty airplane but it has to make money.
Lydia Kacer 2
Flew business class on this last month from Sydney-Dubai return. Main problem will be the bathrooms as the queue, and wait time, was long enough then let alone now with the merger of premium. Not a happy thought for my next flight.
al white 2
Disappointed in Qantas enough with their 380's. I expected bags more room coming from 747's but cramming people in just makes it like any other plane. Not the thrill I was expecting from a modern airliner that boasts about its size.
Surely they haven't put the economy seats closer together like United did a long time ago!
Bilbie 0
Cool, could be even cheaper flights to London and LA any time soon


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