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Plane lands between cars on highway after running out of fuel

GRANITE FALLS, N.C. — A plane landed between two cars on U.S. 321, surprising two drivers near Granite Falls late Monday. The pilot, Eric Klein, told Eyewitness News he ran out of fuel and the northbound lanes of the highway were his best option for a safe landing. The small plane touched down between two moving cars on the highway near the Walmart just before 11 p.m. No one was hurt, but the drivers of the cars were shocked by the turn of events. ( More...

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isardriver 2
next to walmart - awesome. glad he made it without incident, stop by walmart and buy a few things while you're there. would have been funny to stop by the automotive service desk and ask for an oil change.
glad he made it without harm to others, himself, or the plane. thank god
Jeff Lawson 2
Here's the flight from N677W, a 2001 Piper Cherokee 140 --


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