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Courts will treat Asiana passengers differently

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — When the courts have to figure compensation for people aboard Asiana Airlines Flight 214, the potential payouts will probably be vastly different for Americans and passengers from other countries, even if they were seated side by side as the jetliner crash-landed. ( More...

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bassam 1
Thank you for the info. Good for the TV company.

Have a good day
bassam 1
I am not aware of the aviation jurisdictional laws either. It will be interesting to see which laws they will use.

Thanks for the reply. Have a good day. And safe flying.
As per my little and limited knowledge of law, the SFO courts will try the case and apply local and international aviation laws, just like they do in cases related to asylums and extradition!
It is a case involving criminal liability and the accident occurred in SFO. Also to understand concept of jurisdiction, you may consider a road accident caused by a foreigner, using a locally bought car or the one imported by him/her and the victims are US citizens and/or others!
It will neither be DC nor Seoul!
Pardon my over reach.
randomguy 1
wow. quad is 10x a broken bone? Seems like the latter is a little high.
It is not surprising. Conceptually, the Bench may assume that the accident happened in the country of the claimant and how the courts of that country will assess compensation. I may be making it look too simple, but the principles will be same or similar.
bassam 1
Good morning John
I agree with you.
Have a good day and a safe flight.
Marcus Pradel 1
Where you get to sue the airline applies much to where you contracted their service..

If you had a round-trip ticket, would you fly back to Korea with this Airline?
There is a recent news that Airline have made a U turn and decided no to proceed with any suite against TV company.
Good? Bad? You decide.


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