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Los Angeles City Council To Vote On LAX Runway Expansion

LOS ANGELES ( — Members of the Los Angeles City Council were expected to vote Tuesday on a controversial plan to rebuild and expand a runway at Los Angeles International Airport. City Councilman and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti was among those expected to vote against the proposal to demolish the North Runway at LAX and rebuild it 260 feet further north. ( More...

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Bill Babis 2
10,000,000 that depend on our aviation infrastructure will benefit from the project and a few thousand locals that moved there knowing where the airport was will be adversely affected. Oh dear! What shall we do? Give me a break L.A. Why are you wasting money you don't have even debating this?
Jim Anderson 1
NIMBYism at it's finest...
Gene spanos 1
Bill/Jim - That's negative.
Come live here.
Bill Babis 1
I was born there, escaped, and won't be back except by airline to visit the few relatives yet to escape.
Jim Anderson 1
Live where, Gene? Near an airport? Thanks, but no... they're noisy... or did you not know that at the time? Do you use the airport Gene? Do flight delays aggravate you? Just curious as to who's "using two forks" here. I don't see them adding concrete here. I seem them moving a runway so they can do parallel ops and handle larger aircraft on that side of the airport. While it would increase traffic some, sounds like just another reason for folks to bitch.

And yes, that's negative...
Gene spanos 0
It never fails....the airports want to eat with two forks.
Much like the statement given by Fat Fred Smith during the recent
hearings....." We need more runways ", We need Next Gen, We need more flights, We need the FAA to help us get more planes up !!
Jabba The Hut!


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