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Feds Delay Policy Allowing Knives, Sports Equipment On Planes

LOS ANGELES ( — The federal government has delayed a policy change that would have allowed people to carry small knives, novelty bats and other sports equipment on planes. The policy, which was scheduled to go into effect Thursday, was met with public backlash when it was announced by the Transportation Security Administration back in March. ( More...

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joel wiley 3
IMHO, objections from air crew and security staff hardly rises to a level of 'public outcry'. The unions have a perfect right to voice their opinions, but it appears more astroturf than grassroots. Opinions differ, but this is another demonstrations of the concept that Rights, once relinquished, are hard to regain.
The secure doors should have been enough without banning medical tools or electronic tools and other tools or instruments proffessionals use in their work. The theory of a weapon to the neck of cabin crew will open the door with duress. Shoe laces around the neck would produce the same outcome.
The absolute security is an Air Marshal and a metal detector at the gate. Cancell the strip search and simple assaults by tas. We lost our 4th amend. In the name safety.
Boston Friday residents were put on house arrest and homes were search in absence of warrants. And when it came down to it a home owner located the suspect.
connor oslie 5
I think the pilots need to learn zero g maneuvers.... Because what terrorist is on wear their seatbelt ?
Josh Preston 1
Or start profiling those at security points. It sounds bad simply stated, but this has worked in several international airports (i.e. Tel-Aviv). And profiling doesn't cost $1B as a failed experiment.
preacher1 1
You're statement about a crew member under duress has probably crossed the mind of every pilot out there and is a reminder of a decision they hope they never have to make.
The Feds are confused. What's new?


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