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Louis Armstrong Airport Renovations Finished in Time for Super Bowl

With the city poised to host its tenth Super Bowl, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is the gateway to the game. ( More...

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dax9876 1
I will personally attest to the utter BS that this is! It appears that the author of this article just copied a press release, and didn't even bother visiting.
1Robertg 1
So what your saying is that the Channel 4 report showing all the upgrades is some kind of copy of something or did you just want to be the first in line to make some kind of anal statement?
dax9876 1
What I am saying, is that if anyone believes that all renovations are done in that airport, they clearly have not actually been inside! Or driven on the airport access road, or seen the incomplete parking garage, or see the dozens of workers in the airport terminals at night scrambling to complete projects.
If the airport isn't done, then I'm not going to the SB! Really!! Lol


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