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FAA Wants Pilots to Stop Playing With Gadgets in the Cockpit

The FAA wants to put a rule on the books that would prohibit pilots from playing with personal electronics in the cockpit. Wait, that wasn't a rule already? Apparently not. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
But the ladies love the sexting from a man in the sky!
Then this whole entire thing is redundant, as the FAA already made changes to address this after the NWA123 incident 3 years ago.
So, is this to apply to Part 91 and 135 operations as well? what about LSA?

I think this is something that not only the FAA may be out of touch with, but the media is oversensationalizing because they assume that air travel means commercial or freight, and not any private pilots.
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FAA Proposes Stronger 'Sterile Cockpit' Rule

Would Ban Use Of Personal Electronic Devices By Pilots In Flight

While the FAA has long had a "Sterile Cockpit Rule" that prohibits pilots from using personal electronic devices during "critical phases" of flight, pilots may soon be banned from using their personal tablets, smartphones, and laptops for anything other than flying the plane or safety reasons under a new proposed rule.


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