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AA Sued by Former TWA Pilots

Former TWA pilots have brought a lawsuit Against American Airlines and its pilot union, Allied Pilots Association over failed contract negotiations. ( More...

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JD345 3
I see their point, but... well, it's the airline industry, folks. The key to career stability in the airline industry is to become a judge in bankruptcy court.
preacher1 1
Well cold as this may seem, here is my .02cts worth: 1.In a merger or buy, if not negotiated on the front end, the employees of the minor company, in this case TWA, are at the mercy of the major one, no if, and's or buts. 2. I cannot help but feel that some of these guys brought on the TWA demise themsleves. Even after 20 years, bad experiences still linger. For awhile I was making regular pax trips between LIT and STL on TWA. Now I know they couldn't help what ATC did as far as stringing them out halfway over IL or halfway to KC, depending on how they were landing, but without fail, landings were always long and then they just dawdled to the gate, most case arv 1-15 min late. Then SWA came to town and took a big chubk of revenue then finally AA got the pieces. Personally, it's a wonder a hub has been maintained there as long as it has.
Suing a bankrupt company. Oxymoron? Guess not with today's fake bankruptcies.
... No thanks to the former TWA CEO CARL ICAN .. Known in TWA circles as I CANT .. ICAN took the money and ran .. basicly leaving the former employees high and dry


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