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Boeing's 747-400, a Faded Queen of the Skies

Back in the late ’80s, global airlines scrambled to place orders for Boeing’s (BA) 747-400 widebody, then the industry’s most coveted aircraft for its sheer size, high-tech cockpit, and creature comforts. Now, ten-year-old passenger 747-400s are worth a record-low $36 million, about 10 percent less than similarly aged planes last year, according to London-based aviation consultancy Ascend, as carriers seek more fuel-efficient models. There’s even little interest in converting the passenger jets… ( More...

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Jeffrey Babey 3
Even though allot of what is written is true it really is a biased article against Boeing.
It will always be my very favorite aircraft. There is nothing like it for comfort.
Jeffrey Babey 1
I agree, it was the first true "jumbo" jet to fill the skies. I love the 777 and A380 but there is nothing like the original.


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