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Air India Refusing 787 Dreamliner Delivery

Air India is set to refuse their first expected 787 Dreamliner due to their current negotiation dispute with Boeing. ( More...

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...have fun with that. I'm sure there are airlines out there that will be happy to take yours!
JetMech24 2
It's not as easy or simple as that or else Boeing would have already said "no", unfortunately.
steve kain 12
Now that's incredibly funny. Air India is losing money and they want Boeing to pay for it... bye bye Air India there are plenty of other customers that'll gladly take that efficient nex gen aircraft and make money with it. Lets take bets whom can hold their breath longer on this silly deal ... Boeing vs Air India I think we know the answer
Wingscrubber 5
To be fair, the 787 is being delivered rather late, but Beoing is offering $145 million in compensation - that's like giving them the first airplane at 75% discount! not a bad deal even for a rather late delivery. But Air India wants a BILLION dollars - that's like asking for 5 FREE dreamliners - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
Paul Smith 5
The planes were already discounted on top of the listing price... Air India is just desperate for cash and wants to milk Boeing of all it can since the delays are a perfect excuse to ask for extra cash..
Brian Bishop 5
If Air India won't accept reasonable consideration, Boeing should sue them for breach of contract. Just for kicks.
Ben Senior 5
This is just stupidness by Air India. They should grow up and stop playing losing games.
Kawaiipoint2 5
Give it to United! Im sure they would love to start flying it. Maybe open up the possibility of IAH-AKL again...
phil gibson 5
Air India doesn't have the funds to buy or operate the 787. They are broke! What a worthless Airline. I've flown them. Their aircraft smell. I have also flown in India. What an operation! Their DGCA is.......oh well......
Their people will buy nothing with out a negation. What did Boeing expect? Their national carrier not to be cheap?!?! Give it to United or Delta so they can fly it to their country and show them what a ridicules move their making
David Brooks 4
If Boeing and Air India can not work out payment for delivery delays, then there is problem. What does Boeing do with about 10 787-8 airframes currently on the ramp? I think Boeing has a variety of options for those 787s. Boeing could sell or lease these airframes.

Air India, already in dire financial condition, well, that is a problem the India Government and Air India have to work out.
Kevin Brown 3
What does the contract with Boeing state? I would be surprised if the remedy for late delivery (if any) wasn't spelled out in black and white in the contract (usually referred to as "liquidated damages"). Since new a/c programs are prone to delay I would imagine that the contract would preclude liquidated damages for delays and the $140 Million offer from Boeing is just a good-will gesture with a view to future orders.

I doubt Air India has a legal leg to stand on. If they don't take delivery Boeing will have no problem finding another airline only too happy to take these a/c off their hands.

Boeing is better off not having a third world airline like Air India as an early customer because with Air India's poor safety record they risk blemishing the safety record of the 787.
preacher1 2
1 finished Airplane and 26 more slots. Out of that, as David says below, 10 Airframes on the ramp.I doubt that it would take Boeing 2 phone calls to place those.
indy2001 3
Considering all of the teething problems that Airbus has had with the A380, why did Air India not consider something similar could happen with the B787? This just sounds like a lame attempt to weasel out of their contract. It is especially ill-conceived at a time when Air India is trying to regain international respectability after the embarrassing suspension of their Star Alliance application last year. There are plenty of airlines who will be happy to move up in the queue to grab those 27 aircraft if Air India continues this farce. Also, I wonder how generous they are in compensating their passengers for unforeseeable delays?
Paul Smith 3
Air India is wasting everybodys time.... Boeing should just do what everyone wants them to do and deliver Air India's 787's to someone else!
JetMech24 2
It's not as easy or simple as that, or Boeing would have already.
advocado 7
Sell it to Air Pakistan.
preacher1 4
It will be interesting. Sombody said or posted yesterday that the 1st SC Dreamliner left there for Texas to be painted in their colors. I hadn't heard anything about them stopping that yet, but it will be worth watching to see what happens.
Ryan Snell 3
Still in paint and will return in a couple of days
Gene Nowak 2
Air India doesn't have competent pilots to fly them. Give them nothing and see how fast they can get Airbuses to replace them. If they do, they will probably be used and in need of major overhaul.
Is this another 3 world country seeking to hold one of the USA companies hostage to get money? Unless this was part of the contract, Boeing should not pay. This company is on the edge of Bankruptcy.
toolguy105 3
Boeing is obligated to pay compensation for the delay just as Airbus did for the A380. Just how much compensation is negotiable. Based on list price for these planes and what was reported Air India or the Indian government is looking for in compensation they want the planes at prices below Boeing's cost. That is unreasonable and most likely they cannot finance the planes anyway. I believe the are looking for away out of the deal without the cancellation charges.
preacher1 7
It's all about $. You are correct in that they are on the ropes and looking for anything. These 3rd worlders have had the gov't teat all their life and it is now starting to dry up and they are having to lean about capitalism and free market enterprise the hard way. Personally, if I were Boeing I would tell them to kiss off, give the slots to somebody else and say go call Airbus if you can call anybody.
Brian Bishop 2
Preach on Preacher!

Agree 100%
Back to my sweet tea now. Hey, You'd love my new deck!
preacher1 3
That's just how it is when you get older and cranky.LOL. Enjoy that deck & sweet tea.
toolguy105 2
Air India cut of their noses to spite their face firing 101 pilots. Being fired now frees' those pilots to work for those Airlines who have been seeking to hire them. India had/has a clause in the Airline Regulations that Pilots had to give 6 months notice when resigning. Firing these pilots; Air India effectively freed these pilots to go to work for companies who can pay them. Oh, that was another problem Air India has had no money to pay their employee so the pilots have effectively been working. for free. Sure they'll come back unconditionally, in a pigs eye.

As to the headline of the story. Same problem. Air India can't pay for the planes so they will delay taking them until they can or Boeing cancels the order. Besides they don't have pilots trained to fly them so why take delivery.
Gene Nowak 3
Most of those pilots were American and or American trained. They want all Indian pilots flying for them but can't find anyone locally and competent.
Air India doesn't need to be the launch customer of the 787. the 787 deserves a more reputable airline.
JetMech24 6
ANA was the launch customer.
Boy, you really showed your ignorance!!!
haha, i did. i was working at KSCK when the ana painted 787 flew in. i have some magnificent pictures of it.
Beechluvr 1
Idiots are trying to play hard ball with Boeing...won't be long before they see the loss.
David Semak -2
They forgot the red dot above the windshield
How about the red dot on your forehead, the bullseye!!!
preacher1 0
You gettin' mean in your old age.LOL
microwalda 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Air India wants Boeing 787 delay compensation before delivery

Air India will not take delivery of any Boeing 787 aircraft until a compensation amount for the delays of those aircraft is finalised.

The state-owned carrier's board made the decision on Monday after a detailed discussion and has submitted its plan to the country's civil aviation ministry for approval, says an Air India spokesman.
There is a reason beyond the compensation factor which Air India wants from Boeing. It is not as if Air India does not want the 787, it wants to differ delivery as long as possible. Air India does not have the pilots to fly the 787. The pilots unions within Air India are fighting as to who should train for the 787.

Air India was merged with a government owned counterpart some years back, the loss making Indian Airlines which flew domestic and short haul international flights to middle east, Singapore and Malaysia.

The merger was a pathetic failure. The management principles, pay packages were different for both airlines and a new package was not accepted by both unions till now.

For training on the 787, pilots from the erstwhile Indian Airlines were selected which was opposed by the erstwhile Air India pilots. They had a valid point. Air India alone operates the ultra long haul routes using 777's and the 747's. The 747's flew through Europe to US and Canada, while the 777-200LR's fly polar to KJFK and CYYY. Wheras Indian Airlines flew only narrow body A320's and A319's. Now, Indian Airlines pilots are going to shift boeing from airbus.

The Air India pilots are on strike for nearly a month saying that they alone must be trianed on 787. And all its 777's are grounded. And the management has fired more than 100 pilots till date but did not find a suitable solution, eventhough a report has been brought out to solve this issue.


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