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Qantas Hosts Dreamliner's Vist to Australia

Australian travelers may get a chance to see Boeing's aptly named Dreamliner as it makes several stops throughout the country this week. The aircraft is arriving in Sydney on Thursday May 24th and will depart out of Darwin on June 1st. ( More...

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Andrew Taylor 2
They ordered 50 to be split between Qantas and Jetstar, it looks to be a pretty promising venture!
preacher1 3
Like I said, "Go get 'em Boeing".LOL
preacher1 1
How many Dreamliners has the Q got on order? I thought AB had a brown ring on their nose as close as they were to them folks and here the Q is hosting all this? Go get 'em Boeing
Tahir Zia 1
Is anyone know when breamlander come in adelaide


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