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Duelling the duopolies

IT MAY well turn out that pilot error, or something other than a fault in the aircraft, made a Russian-built Sukhoi Superjet crash into a mountain in Indonesia on May 9th, killing all on board. But the disaster, on top of recent reports of unreliability among the first Superjets to go into service, is bound to hinder Russia’s ambition to become a big exporter of modern commercial aircraft. And the Russians are not the only ones trying, and struggling, to do so. ( More...

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chalet 1
The Chinese were able to catch up with Europe, Japan and the U.S. in the manufacturing of power generation equipment (turbines, generators, boilers, etc.) buy buying outright their technologies and a case in point is the world's largest hydroelectric plant the famous Three Gorges monster plant, ditto in the thermoelectric field and now the Chinese are selling these same wares all over and with good results because the quality and efficiency is excellent, however in the aeronautical field they are trying to do it all by themselves and that ain't gonna work regardless how many billions of dollars are sunk into the effort.

preacher1 1
It may not be as easy, but are we quite sure that there is not an ERJ/CRJ sitting on the ARJ21 development floor.Saving face is very important in the Far East and I don't think the Chinese will fail.
David Brooks 1
Irregardless to what caused the Sukhoi Superjet to crash, the market it is chasing has way too many companies trying too. Right now, Embraer of Brazil and Bombardier of Canada are the leaders in the arena of commuter jets up to the 100 seat size. The next goal is the 100 to 150 seat size - direction competition with Boeing and Airbus.

The current target size is 100 - 120 seats. Embraer and Bombardier are already established. Those chasing the market now includes Russia's Sukhoi Superjet 100, China’s ARJ21 (Comac), Japanese Mitsubishi MRJ and Bombardier is working on there new CSeries which crosses the line to large aircraft.

The article articulates the issues, I think, very well.


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