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Lockheed's "retail" flight-sim software causes buzz in industry

Lockheed's Orlando-based training-simulation division introduced the newest software last month, offering it to classroom teachers retail-style for $49.95 per license. The educator version's debut came little more than a year after Lockheed had started selling an advanced version to professional pilots for $199.95. As defense contractors face potentially historic cutbacks in U.S. militaryspending in coming years, it is crucial that Lockheed develop new lines of business, company officials said,… ( More...

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Scott Keller 1
Here's the link to view the "Prepar3D" experience...
Shad Bell 1
How does this differ from FSX or FS9??
Boatinman 3
It's FSX on roids..
Paul Smith 2
its basically what FSX should have been if Microsoft didn't release it too early. Its updated, it has a new source code, and it is backwards compatible with most FSX addons. It also is being supported currently and being updated constantly (unlike FSX or FS9).
Like Paul said, it is effectively a fully-baked version of the commercial version of FSX (it was called ESP). It will use multiple cores, has better graphics, and is compatible with a number of FSX add-ons. Since it is based on ESP, with enough hardware and money, you can get 360 degree views and actually create a decent sim environment. Something like this:
Craig G 1
Has anyone downloaded this yet and tried it out?


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