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Look to the skies: Is it time to stop worrying and love the drone?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and elsewhere) have driven the rapid development over the past decade of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—robotic planes flown by some combination of remote “pilot” operators, software, and GPS navigation. Ranging in size from that of a flying model kit to full-sized aircraft, UAVs, also referred to as unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), have done everything from spotting roadside bombs to bombing alleged Al-Qaeda hideouts—and now they’re ready for civilian jobs.… ( More...

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Matt Kladder 1
Drones may have a place in our society, but I hope I never see commercial passenger transport drones, not that I wouldn't trust it, but I really like the idea of a human pilot fighting for their life as well as mine if something goes wrong.


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