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Two out of three (wheels) ain't bad: Pilot lands in Houston with faulty gear

HOUSTON—A plane arriving at Bush Intercontinental Airport Saturday morning was not able to lower its front landing gear. The Colgan passenger plane operating as a United Express flight approached IAH from Little Rock around 10:45 a.m, according to a United Airlines spokesperson. The nose gear did not extend, although the back end gear did lower and the plane was able to land safely on two out of its three gear. The Houston Police Department arrived at the scene and 31 passengers were evacuated… ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 1
Link to flight track --

You can see that they circled on their approach while they attempted to diagnose/verify the gear problem.
Pileits 1
At least it wasn't tail first as in going backwards..
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United Express Flight Makes Nose First Landing at Houston Bush Airport

A United Express regional flight was forced to make a nose first landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston this morning.
sparkie624 0
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United Airlines plane forced to make emergency landing

April 7, 2012: An United Airlines plane is forced to make an emergency landing in Houston. Amy Davis reports...

See ""; for more info.

There were some tense moments at Bush Intercontinental Airport when an airplane was forced to land without its front landing nose gear.

The Colgan flight was headed from Little Rock to Houston on Saturday when the pilot discovered the nose landing gear wouldn't extend.

Colgan is a part of Pinnacle Airlines Corporation. Colgan has a contract with United to use the plane as part of United's Express Jet Service.

Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Lisa Campbell said the pilots kept the plane's nose in the air as long as they could on touchdown, and that there were some sparks when the front of the plane made contact with the concrete.


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