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P51 lands safely after landing gear trouble w/ help from Bob Hoover

The pilot and passenger touched down safely about 2:15 p.m. at Mobile Downtown Airport in a P-51 Mustang that minutes earlier had a stuck landing gear, authorities said. Neither Gardner nor Barton was injured, and the plane suffered no structural damage. After the landing gear problem arose, the owner of the plane Gardner was flying, Cavanaugh Flight Museum of Dallas, got the pilot in contact by radio with Bob Hoover, a 90-year-old P-51 veteran from World War II and the Korean War, according… ( More...

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Toby Sharp 3
Good ole Hoov, chalk up another saved war bird to him.
madtrader 3
Why can't I get that kind of help when I call tech support? They couldn't have had any better help on the radio.
Bill Watson 1
That's like calling tech support and getting the Chairman of the Board.

Who you gonna' call?

Love it


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