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Unruly passenger is restrained by other Continental passengers

An unruly Saudi teen was held down and detained by fellow passengers aboard a Continental Airlines flight after he began shouting 'Allah is great' and making references to Osama bin Laden as he swung his fists at a flight attendant who told him he couldn't smoke an electronic cigarette aboard the plane Tuesday. ( More...

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JetChaser 3
I can't believe they released him on bail. Not the slightest flight risk
Bud Kreyling 1
Yeah, it really happens a lot when Americans shout Jesus is Great just prior to fifty people getting blown limb from limb. Happens in my town almost weekly it's so commonplace.
Well said bogdawg, Unfortunately generalization and stereotyping is prevalent nowadays.

I'm a Muslim Arabian and i can't just say "Americans should not be allowed on planes" just because some Americans did something wrong. And that happens alot. That would be totally unfair.

You can't just judge a whole nation for one's mistake.
John Hale 1
You don't mess with those from the Lone Star State. I've done this route many times and never see any weirdo's like this.
Congrats TSA, way to go and stop this guy. Thank god you've broken thousands of passengers rights and had several complaints of molestation and false detainment just to protect us from this guys. Congrats TSA, you're clearly working!
Beeskip 0
Ditto Tim
alistairm 0
Dumbass is a name that comes to mind for this kid. THough, i am wondering if he is connected at all. If he is the son of some Sheik or prince, i am sure he will get off easy. As for what he said, he probably knew that it would hit a nerve or two.

@Phil: Mate, i suggest you read a little. When you tallk about Arab, you have made a big generalization. There are Arab Jews and Arab Christians. So, i guess you don't want people of Jewish faith or Christian faith to fly on airplanes either? They should all take the bus right? Small minded
Mike Barbato 0
Wow, this guy was involved in a police car chase 2 days earlier. Looks like his family is saying he's schizophrenic, which seems to be accurate.

[This poster has been suspended.]

bogdawg 13
That's quite the discriminatory remark. There are millions of Arabs and Muslims in this world, and the overwhelming majority have no intention or desire to kill any of us. Let's not forget that Christians have killed thousands of people throughout history in the name of God.

The sad truth about this story is that he's just another spoiled brat, not much different from our own trust fund babies in this country. If he'd been white it never would have made the news.
Jim Quinn 2
Amen. Just another punk on a plane.
Tim Smith 1
Well said bogdawg.
Planereality 1
"Let's not forget that Christians have killed thousands of people throughout history in the name of God."
Dangerous rationale/thought process/justification
"If he'd been white it never would have made the news"
Wouldn’t count on that, but I will just assume you made that statement for emphasis
bogdawg 5
To clarify, I'm not trying to rationalize anything. What this guy did (including the night before) was assinine and he should be locked up for a long time. What I'm trying to point is to all of the Muslim / Islam / Arab haters is that Christians have killed and gone to war in the name of God for centuries, as well. As with the Crusades, these wars tend to be against Muslims. I guess we never learn.

As for part 2, yes it was mainly for emphasis. It would have made the news, but would not stir up the same emotion.
What mode of transportation should we allow you on, moron??? Who do you think is keeping Boeing alive? It's the airlines form countries that you idiots discriminate against!!!
Muneeb Hyder 2
Are you for real?


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