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Seven activists from a group planning to use drones to disrupt flights in and out of Heathrow airport have been arrested

London police deployed Friday a sweeping security cordon around Heathrow Airport and made seven arrests to thwart climate activists’ efforts to shut down Europe’s busiest travel hub using toy drones. ( More...

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sharon bias 2
Since drones were used to blow up the Saudi oil fields yesterday, and may cause a 5% reduction in oil production, I think anyone using drones around airports should be arrested. This is a terrorist action.
siriusloon 2
There are drones, and then there are drones. Small toys 6 inches in diameter are called drones. So is the RQ-4B Global Hawk with a 130.9-foot wingspan and everything in between.

I am in no way defending the idiots who planned to disrupt Heathrow, but comparing those drones with weapons-carrying military drones is not accurate.
bobhicks48 0
One of those small drones ingested into an airplane engine would put 100+ passengers’ lives at risk. I think you could easily make that costuming.
bobhicks48 1
Sry costuming should be comparison.
G Bear 1
A threat to disrupt airline service should be treated the same whether the threat is uttered on an airplane, or from protester's homes. Serious fines and prison time.


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