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Virgin Atlantic Unbundles Economy Fares

Virgin Atlantic will offer three categories of economy ticket as it embraces the trend of unbundling fares in a competitive transatlantic environment. ( More...

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unbundling of economy class fares is a great idea..the only problem is, there are still (at least on this carrier,and it says transatlantic) 3 economy fares..i do remember the days when the three fares consisted of first class,coach, and economy only, and not 200 coach/economy fares where you had to travel on a Thursday night when the moon was full and come back Saturday afternoon!!
paul gilpin 1
you traveled on a night with a full moon?

paul runs from the thread .............
ok paul..joke was intended and I hope taken as such! yes, actually I have flown when there was a full moon!!
katty wompus 1
I've flown during the Perseid meteor shower. Way cool!
ron serafin 1
Why can’t they make it simple for people
I hope this decision is well quantified!


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