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4 United Reward Miles for a Roundtrip Ticket to Hong Kong? We’ll See…

Some United Airlines mileage plus members were able to snag roundtrip tickets to Hong Kong today for just 4 Reward Miles. ( More...

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John Rossiter 2
Darn, nobody told me :P
preacher1 2
Well, what ain't been said here is how many tickets got by at that price. As they debited those accounts that had enough miles, unless they do something to even it out, those folks have grounds for something. Proving who did go cheap and /or that they were booked at another price may be difficult but I would think that they had recourse under the FAA part quoted in the article. It will be interesting.
andy streit 1
While I think United will not increase the price of the ticket, I do believe they will cancel the flight for anyone who books at that price. I mean its just not logical to have a flight purchased for 4 reward miles. That doesn't even cover the cost to print a boarding pass ticket from the kiosk. Great thought to try and "screw" an airline like what they have been doing to us, but its illogical.
If the DOT rules are as they read (they can get confusing sometimes), then they CAN'T cancel the flight. They have to honor the mistake.
Ric Wernicke 1
United is excellent at promotions that cost more than they planned on spending. In the 1980's they had a deal where if you visited all 50 states on United in 50 days you received free first class travel gor a year. It was a wonderful year. I would go to Berlin to get groceries and Porsche parts, Hong Kong for computers and cameras, and Brazil to surf Uba Tuba. United thought it would be expensive to buy all those tickets. I bought a "visit USA" ticket in Hong Kong for $750. Which gave 30 days unlimited travel in the USA. That was a year to remember.


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