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Turboprops back in fashion...

ATR, the European propeller aircraft joint venture, has cleaned orders for 24 turboprop aircraft from five different customers this year... ( More...

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Gene Nowak 5
Sounds like time to bring back more economical, updated and streamlined versions of the Fairchild F27, Lockheed Electra, Convair 500 and 600 series and Vickers Viscount. All were sweet riding aircraft.
Ricky Scott 2
Have to disagree with the Electra. With 5000+ hours in the P-3, I can say it was not a sweet riding airplane. Those stiff wings felt every stinking air pocket there was.
Gene Nowak 1
Ricky - That is why I said "updated", meaning engines and airframe. Being retired USAF, I too wouldn't want to ride again in a KC97 without some conversions.
Toby Sharp 1
That'll never happen but that sure would be sweet!
AccessAir 1
Amen to that!!!!!!!!
siriusloon 1
They have: They're called names like ATR-42, Q400, etc.

To "update" the types you mention would require a complete clean-sheet-of-paper redesign and since we know much more about aerodynamics, materials, manufacturing techniques, etc now than when they were designed, the new aircraft wouldn't look like them at all. Just because they were state-of-the-art in their day doesn't mean they are now and making them that way would result in totally new and different aircraft. You know, like the ATR and Dash 8, for example.
AccessAir 2
The problem is that the ATR 42 and 72 are horrible in icing conditions...I dont care what the FAA says....the plane really should only be flown in warmer climates and its just a crap piece of plane, compared to the Dash 8...I would rather fly on a 45+ year old Fokker F.27 than sit on an ATR 42/72....
DashTrash 1
I won't argue that the Dash 8 isn't great in icing conditions, but the ATR guys I've talked with didn't complain about it's ability to handle ice. They mentioned the stigma around the Roselawn crash giving the airplane an undue reputation.

Now, I flew the Dash 8 for many years. It's an ice hauling truck. We had guys who flew the ATR and the Dash, and they said the Dash was far superior. That being said, I've iced up the Dash at least once where I thought it was going to come out of the sky. Any airplane can be overcome, some just quicker than others.


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