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US Airways CRJ Lands in Charlotte with no flaps

I filmed this Friday May 4, 2012 in Charlotte, NC. Pilot had issue with his flaps, declared an emergency, and landed with flaps up safely. ( More...

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tim mitchell 1
cool video....looks like they didn't get it slowed down enough to lower the nose until they were about 5,000ft down the runway....good job
Andrew Vane 1
There might have been some other issue Marcus. I was only going by what I heard on the scanner. He declared an emergency, landed on 18C without flaps which is the longest runway in Charlotte, there were fire vehicles available, and then the pilot came on and cancelled the emergency. No injuries thankfully.

Thx for the track boeineone. I forgot to include it
Marcus Pradel -2
Landing without use of the flaps is not an Emergency!
David Sims 3
Actually landing without flaps for a jet is an emergency. As an airport firefighter, this is one of the many scenarios we train for. You have an aircraft that should be landing between 110-120 knots not landing closer to 200 knots, which puts a lot more strain on the landing gear and brakes, not to mention the extra runway it will need to stop. These types of landings frequently lead to hot brake situations which can be a potential fire risk.
tim mitchell 1
I would agree with Mr.Sims especially after watching this video...I am pretty familiar with the observation area at KCLT and from what I saw they only had about 5,000 ft of runway left when they finally got the nose down....pray for the best, prepare for the worst
Bill Winslow 2
Why not? Landing speeds increase quite a bit, possibly up to 30 knots higher (if not more).


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