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The Aerospace Newcomer Whose Data Helped Make the Difference on Grounding the 737 MAX

When the Federal Aviation Administration reversed course and grounded Boeing Co.’s BA 1.52% 737 MAX jetliner, it moved partly after seeing data from a little-known aerospace newcomer that is changing the way the aviation industry tracks planes. ( More...

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Viv Pike 7
I'm certainly not going to sign up & buy a WSJ subscription just to read that article ...
william baker 7
I second that.
Francis smith 3
try this link
Robert Cowling 1
So the fact that so many people died didn't mean enough to ground the planes? The fact that pilots were complaining about the planes, and the lack of documentation, and training wasn't enough to ground the planes? Imagine if they were grounded, this last crash wouldn't have happened. Those passengers would be alive, and living their lives.


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