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A look into Delta's diverse A330 fleet

Delta has always had a fairly diverse aircraft fleet, operating aircraft built by Airbus, Boeing, the A220 which started life as the Bombardier CSeries and the recently retired McDonnell Douglas MD80/90 series. But even within its diverse fleet, one type stands out with all of its variants and that is the Airbus A330 with its 4 different aircraft types. The airline currently has 61 330s in operation with an additional 19 on order. So lets take a look at how the Airbus 330-223, -323, -302 and… ( More...

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angus perkins 3
I've often wondered how you (if it's even possible) find out which aircraft Delta assigns to which routes. I wouldn't mind transiting to a specific airport before i begin a long haul across the ocean. My company pays the air and aim often asked which airport do you want to leave from.
erisajd 2
must be a maintenance and parts nightmare -
Mike T 1
Not really...
Gary Bain 2
Flew on Delta standby a couple of years ago on a "buddy pass" to Rome. On the way home we did not get on the flight for five days. My sister-in-law finally told us that there was a Delta flight out of Paris with 80+ seats available/empty nearly every day. So we flew flew to Paris, spent the night and got out the next morning first class no less. We ended up in MSP instead of ATL but it was no problem getting to Houston from MSP standby. The airplane out of Rome was a 767 and did not have the range for Rome to ATL because it required a full fuel load it was weight (pax) limited. The gate people in Rome told us this happens every day and paying passengers and especially standby's always got bumped. The airplane out of Paris was an A330 and was very seldom full. Can't figure out why the heck Delta didn't just switch airplanes. The 767 could have made Paris-ATL without a problem and the same applies to the A330 out of Rome. Before you start hammering me yes, I understand the risks of flying standby. It is what it is and I'm not complaining. It just seems to me that this is/was very dumb scheduling by DAL.
D Walsemann 1
The 767 has way less seats than the 330. BTW the FCO flight is now a 330


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