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Ethiopian Airlines suspends pilots who missed landing

Africa's biggest carrier Ethiopian Airlines said it has suspended two pilots who reportedly fell asleep and missed their landing during a flight from Khartoum to Addis Ababa. The plane overshot the runway at Bole International Airport in the Ethiopian capital on Monday before landing safely, according to flight-tracking website FlightAware. Independent website The Aviation Herald said the pilots fell asleep during the flight and were only woken up by an alarm triggered when autopilot mode… ( More...

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Peter Fuller 8
Made me think “Haven’t I heard of this sort of thing before?” Yes: October 2009, NW flight 188, SAN to MSP, overflew MSP by more than 100 miles, due to distracted pilots, eventually landed safely at MSP. Both pilots’ certificates revoked by FAA.
Yikes that sounds like a severe punishment there.

When Singapore Flight 006 happened both pilots were fired.
Fatigue is understandably pretty common in the aviation world, but it's the airline's responsibility to make sure pilots are safe at work.

If the pilots knew they were going over hours then they shouldn't have flown that day.


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